For my Book cover design I chose to focus on creating a book cover for a fantasy book with some of my celtic designs.  I chose the color pallette from photos from Unsplash that reminded me of the themes of the book.  I chose a light green and gold theme, to go with these components and convey a natural feeling.  I also used a interrupted border frame to convey an otherworldly feeling, and utilized swan images to add as illustrated elements, swimming out of the frames.  
Magazine Cover Design
I tried to use a natural color palette.  I chose desert colors of orange and blue to be the color theme of the articles, and the background I stuck with a green that made the article pop.  I used some photos from Unsplash, which I credited.  I also utilized a photo from Unsplash that I turned into a posterized element, and posterized some of my personal photos.
I tried to use a neutral color palette.  I chose A color theme dark blue and grey to go with a bold and neutral color to balance out the colors in the photos that I took at the park, or downloaded from Unsplash.  I also used a clipping mask for the G and F, with photos of stone from the park, and a waterfall.  I staggered the lettering and title to show a feeling of falling.  I went with a lighter color blue to compliment the article.  
For my article I decided to utilize a comic book frame and elements, and flames behind Tom Ellis instead of the wings.  I changed the color themes to red and black, with white fonts.  
Our assignment was to create packaging for CD Design and music graphics utilizing our own artwork.  After choosing an artist we designed the elements that go into the jewel case for the graphics, as well as creating a design for the cd inserts.  

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